Electrifying Industry!

We enable the electrification of industry by replacing natural gas with advanced Radio Frequency heating for industrial processes

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Do you want to replace natural gas with a more energy efficient, more controllable, greener and more cost effective solution?

We enable the electrification of power-hungry industrial processes that currently use gas to generate heat in order to fulfill a production process.

To achieve this we design, build and supply the world’s highest performing Solid State Power Amplifier’s to deliver dieletric heating on an industrial scale.

Tap into The power of RF heat

Reaching efficiency levels untouched by alternatives, from 10kW to Megawatt levels, our solutions deliver powerful business benefits…

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Using a modular, rugged, industrial grade design, multiple amplifiers can be connected to attain differing power levels. From a single 10kW amplifier, to multiple amplifiers stacked in 19 inch racks, scalability and adaptation to your needs, is core to our design.

Enjoy seamless integration of Amplifiers, Power Combiners and Control Interfaces for easy implementation, maximum flexibility and advanced process control.

Born for Extreme

SolidWatts is a CERN Technology Partner and Spin-off. Operating the world's largest, most powerful, solid state power amplifier installation, you benefit from CERN technology and our access to CERN facilities for testing and collaboration in the world's most extreme scientific environment.

CERN Solid State Power Amplifier implementation

Image courtesy of CERN. All rights reserved.

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Manufactured in Switzerland to exacting standards

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"Harnessing our creativity, deep technical expertise and social conscience towards the environment, we radically alter energy consumption for industrial processes by removing fossil fuel dependencies and enabling the use of cleaner, greener, high-efficiency electricity."

Markus Aicheler, CEO

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Come on an electrifying journey as we transition industry from fossil fuel to high-efficiency, sustainable electric.

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