Electrifying Industry!

We accelerate the transition of industry to

fully electric for a greener tomorrow.

Away from fossile!

SolidWatts wants to help use resources more efficiently and migrate industry away from fossil fuels. Our first focus lies on how to create Radio Frequency (RF) power in the most efficient, reliable and cost effective way possible. We believe that we can develop technology that is in these regards head and shoulders above current industry standards.

Use electric!

Today, this RF power is used to drive thermal processes in chemical, food and manufacturing industries. It becomes more and more widespread as industry modernizes and as new processes for replacing fossil fuel heating, or even conventional electric resistance heating, are being developed. It is clear that 30 years from now, very few industry branches will remain that drive their thermal processes with something else than electricity. Fossil fuels will become prohibitively expensive and unethical and renewable energies (mostly electric) will gain more and more market share. Electricity will be the main workhorse of all energy forms in the future. We at SolidWatts devote our efforts to help produce and use it in the most stewardly way possible.

The team

SolidWatts is created by farsighted people who want to enter and play the infinite game of constant improvement of ourselves and the world around us. Our team consists of well rounded technophiles as well as veterans in operations, marketing and sales.

Our philosophy

We work towards creating a community of like minded partners who join us in playing the infinite game. Our rules are simple: trust and people above all for a better tomorrow.

Come on an electrifying journey with us as we transition industry from fossil fuel to sustainable electric…

For more information please contact: info@solidwatts.ch